How to Carry Out a Roof Inspection on your Home


The roof is the one part of your property that does need regular inspections, which will alert you whenever there are any issues. Most UK homeowners will commission a local roofer to carry out the inspection, but if you have a good set of ladders and a head for heights, here is a guide to a DIY roof inspection.

  • Cleaning Out the Guttering – More often than not, the guttering is compromised with soggy leaves and small twigs, so you will need to clean out the guttering. If you have a jet power machine that sprays water at high pressure, this is ideal, otherwise you will have to clean out small sections by hand, then move the ladder along to the next section.
  • Chimney Inspection – The chimney is usually above the roof line, which leaves it open to damage from flying debris, and you will need a close-up inspection, rather than looking from ground level. If the mortar between the bricks has seen better days, the chimney will need to be repointed, which is a job for your local roofer.

If the thought of climbing up onto your roof does not appeal, you are better to call in a local roofing company, who would issue you with a detailed report on the condition of your roof.