Ultimate Guide to Home Improvements for Veterans 2019 – Pictures, Decor and VA loan


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Serving your country is never easy. Even if it means sacrificing your own life, you need to do it to help others. It is the reason why veterans are our living heroes. So we should honor them and shelter them.

This article will guide you on the different home improvements you can do for your beloved veteran. It is easy and so affordable no need to break your bank to make them feel special. Plus, you can also use old furniture too.

Design a Wall of Courage For the Veteran

In this home improvement project, you can showcase the veteran’s medals, awards, and certificates. You are not just displaying these. You are showcasing these valuable gems in your house. Instead of keeping it in the attic, why not hang it on the wall? You can also put it inside the frame to protect it for years. This wall symbolizes great courage during wartime. It will touch every veteran’s heart.

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Create a Mini-Museum for Wartime Antiques and Memorabilia

Most of us can picture war as chaos and bloody. Including veterans, some of them don’t want to remember the trauma of war. However, others positively think of this. The memorabilia are the remains of their courageous past.

To do this home improvement project, you need a glass cabinet. If you don’t have the money, you can refurbish or redecorate the old ones. After this, start collecting wartime antiques such as uniforms, buttons, boots, trench art and others. To make it more historical, you can put dates and a little story about this memorabilia. For sure, everyone will love this, including the visitors.

Paint the Walls

Painting is one of the easiest home improvements you can do. If you don’t know how to do it, below are the simple steps to guide you.

  1. Prepare the things you need

You need to buy a dishwashing liquid, cellulose sponge, painter’s tape, primer, paint, paint tray, roller, and ladder.

  1. Clean the walls

Before you start painting the wall, make sure that it’s clean. Use a cellulose sponge and water with dishwashing liquid mixture, to remove the dirt.

  1. Tape the trim

It is necessary to preserve the objects that you don’t want to get painted. So tape the trim using the painter’s tape. You can also tape the doorknobs, molding, door frames, and window frames.

  1. Roll the primer onto

Now that everything is ready, it’s time to start painting. First, dip the roller into the primer. To prevent drips, roll it back and forth across your tray’s ridges. Make sure to get even coats.

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Apply for a VA Loan

What is a VA Loan? A va home loans in texas or Veteran Affair’s Loan is a mortgage loan available by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs. If you’re a service member, a veteran, or a surviving spouse of a veteran, you are eligible for this type of loan. It is secure. Plus, the government provides a $0 down mortgage option for veterans. To know more about va home loans in texas, talk to a trusted mortgage company now.

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