Everything You Need To Host A Great Garden Party


Getting friends and family together at your home can be a wonderful experience, especially if the gathering takes place outside in a beautiful garden and with glorious weather. Such garden parties are also one of the reasons why outdoor spaces are growing in popularity, now adding an estimated 20% to a property’s value.

Residents, however, can’t simply encourage guests to step outdoors and have a great time. There is a degree of curation and consideration. A little rainfall, for example, doesn’t need to cause a washout when properties are equipped with the right garden structures. Plus, even a simple addition to a garden space, such as a pizza oven, can be enough to become the centre of attention, drawing in more guests than might have even been invited!

Garden Furniture

Whether you are hosting a decadent outdoor dining experience or simply wanting to give guests a comfortable place to recline, furniture is a key asset to consider. There are a number of potential designs to choose from, most of which will come down to aesthetic preference. However, it is important to consider the type of climate you live in. This is because a particularly damp or windy area should encourage residents to choose weather-resistant furniture or modular designs that allow them to be packed away when not in use.

Weather Protection

Being exposed to the elements can be challenging. Even bright and sunny days can become chillier in the evening. As such, homeowners should make efforts to design their garden with a degree of protection from the weather.

This can be in the form of outbuildings, such as log cabins, that give guests a space to enjoy in the garden while also being protected from harsh weather conditions, which includes sunlight as shade can be important too. Other assets, such as heat lamps and windbreakers, can be useful for creating a cosy space too.

Shared Experience

Having a shared experience can make a garden party truly memorable. Some residents will, for example, host outdoor games or create a decadent dining event. Others, however, will design their garden to have a key experience asset, such as a fire pit or pizza oven, which becomes the main draw of an event.

Having such an asset in one’s garden also means that it is there for personal use too, with many culinary types choosing to utilise their garden as a hub of cooking creativity, by baking breads in outdoor ovens, curing ingredients in garden sheds, and even roasting foods atop fire pits.

Beautiful Design

A garden can be as practically designed as possible and yet still fall short of being a great outdoor venue for a gathering if it isn’t designed in an aesthetically pleasing way. There are a number of garden designs out there to choose from and it’s important to remember that gardens aren’t all about visuals, with other senses playing an important role.

Be sure to fill your outdoor space with aromatic flowers and cosy woollen blankets, allowing guests to revel in a beautiful natural environment.