What are the Advantages of Letting Your Kids Play Outdoors?


Research has shown that children and adults alike can experience a lot of benefits just by spending time outdoors. As the years pass by, the list of these benefits continuously grows, and many are starting to realise the importance of playing, not just inside the house but going out of the four corners of their home. Why confine your kids when there’s a large world for them to enjoy out there? Many people using nanny PAYE services often want nannies to take the kids outside when they’re being looked after.

It doesn’t matter whether your kid plays in your backyard, or outside when they’re at nursery. Exposing them outdoors play a very significant role in their growth, education, as well as the character that they are moulded to be. Let them explore – and if you haven’t heard what the benefits are yet, we’re listing some of those below for you.


Children are curious creatures and are simply amazed even by the tiniest being or thing that they see outside. With that being said, letting them spend time outdoors help them promote and even enhance their creativity. It doesn’t matter if they’re throwing out leaves in the autumn, or they’re playing sand by the beach during summer. You’ll be surprised by how creative they can get whenever they get outdoors. The open spaces allow children to explore – lets them use their minds and they’ll follow wherever their curiosity takes them.


In child development, social skills are very important, as it moulds their personality. Letting them socialise in various types of open environment let them see the world in various scenarios, and even challenges their mind on different situations. For example, if you take them out in the playground, they’ll learn from there that they can take turns on the slide. Their instinct will also teach them how to play safely outdoors, not to mention lets them talk with other kids without adult supervision. Getting them out makes a perfect opportunity for the kids to meet new friends – whether it’s at a local park, the beach, or even in the playground.


Letting your child play outdoors also provide them with confidence – something that they can’t develop when staying at home. They get curious, and eventually, they’ll start to feel more curious and stop feeling afraid. You can perform various activities like exploring vast outdoor spaces, observing the weather, and even helping the child see the world from a different perspective. Show them the world and they’ll continuously be in awe with everything that they’re starting to discover day by day.


While there’s no denying that playing outdoors has a huge impact on a child’s cognitive development, but did you know that it’s also great for their physical development? Let the kids spend time outdoors climbing a tree, let them do some obstacle courses and let them challenge their own bodies – these activities alone strengthens their muscles. By doing so, the kids will easily learn to adapt to changing environments, and at the same time, allows their body to be more physically fit. The risk of obesity is reduced if you encourage children to stay active outdoors.

Did you know that a simple 30-minute walk outside can do such great things to their developing bodies? It can improve their stamina, improve their muscles, and at the same time, a great way to help them enjoy the wonderful world outside!


When you let your kids spend time outdoors, their motor skills are being developed. Let them build sand towers, or let them solve for themselves how they can get to the top of the treehouse. All available outdoor activities are perfect for helping them refine their motor skills one way or another. During the first 5 years, it is important that the child is offered a wide range of options and objects to engage with and experience to have these skills developed.


Scientifically, the outdoors make us happy in general. You’ll get Vitamin D, high-quality air, and even the natural beauty of the surroundings tickles our happy hormones, which signals our brain to be in a happy mood. Additionally, letting them play outside lets the kids release their frustrations and build up energy positively by running! This also means that kids will be able to sleep better at night and feel better and have a good mood in the long run.