The Benefits Of a Single Story Property When Building Your New Home.


When people decide to build a new property, they generally only think about the here and now and maybe only 10 to 15 years down the road. They see a property or they have a property built and they don’t really think about when they become older when it is a little bit more difficult to get around. They end up buying a two-storey property that has a steep set of stairs and so these have to be negotiated when you hit the age of 70 and beyond.

When it comes to house building (known as สร้างบ้าน in Thai), you really do need to think about your retirement years because in all likelihood you are going to have to bring up a family in this house and then you may decide to never leave. Many people have done this and they end up having to spend a lot more money changing the property so it is more suitable for retirement living. Single-storey homes have now become incredibly popular because people are now looking towards the future and they know how difficult it is going to be to find a property in 30 to 40 years from now. The following are just some of the benefits of deciding to build a single story house.

  • There are no stairs – This is the perfect choice for two reasons. Number one, if you intend to have children then giving them the option to climb steep stairs when the going to bed is not an option that every responsible parent wants. Number two, if you’re still living in this house when you reach retirement age then stairs become a lot more difficult to negotiate and so by choosing to live in a single story property, you don’t have to worry about any of these two things.
  • Open floor plans – You get to maximise all of the space within your property when you decide to choose a single story property. Many people complain nowadays that there isn’t enough natural light coming into their properties and when you decide to build a single story property, then you can install much bigger windows and that allows more natural light to stream through.

If you are an environmental kind of person and you want to reduce your carbon footprint and to do your bit for the earth, then a single story property allows you to save an incredible amount of money when it comes to heating and cooling your property.