How To Make Your Kitchen Child Friendly


It’s a known fact that introducing your children to food preparation processes as early as possible forces them to lead healthier lives. It’s also a good way to prevent picky eating. Letting your children into your kitchen allows them to build useful skills, which can be quite beneficial when they are older. Even better, they will have some fond memories of the time spent together in the kitchen.

However, before you start letting them wander in your kitchen, you need to do a little preparation first. Make sure the kitchen should be a safe and welcoming environment where you can educate your children on the joys of food preparation and enjoying meal times. Here are some of the top ways to make your kitchen child-friendly.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Children are quite short. Actually, their heads will be the same height as your kitchen counter tops or cupboard handles. Note that, at such a young age, they haven’t developed full spatial awareness. Therefore, they are likely going to sustain a lot of bumps and cuts as they move around the kitchen. Something to keep in mind when considering a kitchen that allows children to explore safely is quartz worktops Surrey who ensure all benefit in a safe and stylish kitchen.

Your modern kitchen might have many sleek edges but if you want to let your children into the kitchen, you should opt for rounded edges in your kitchen design. Also, make sure the kitchen units don’t have handles. That way, children will not be tempted to pull them. For the base units, you should add some magnetic locks. As a rule of thumb, make sure that all the dangerous items are out of the reach from your children.

Keep the Hot Areas Safe

Yes, you might have done all the childproofing in the kitchen possible, but you still need to be a little vigilant. Well, you can take some steps to reduce the risks associated with the hot areas in your kitchen especially boiling kettles and hobs. For instance, you can start with an induction hob rather than the standard electric or gas options.

These induction hobs are designed to heat the pans and pots without getting hot themselves. Therefore, when you are done cooking, the hob gets back to a safe temperature fast. As such, if your child happens to touch it, they will not sustain any burns.

Use a ‘Kids Cupboard’

Your kitchen needs to be a safe environment. However, you need to make it a place where your children can explore, learn, and start enjoying preparing food. Well, you can create a ‘kids cupboard’ for the best results. Choose one of the low units to make it easily accessible for your children.

Here, you can add safe utensils, equipment and a few food items. You can put your child’s favourite plastic cups and bowls so they can have their place at the table. It’s a safe way to introduce them to the kitchen.

In Conclusion

If you want to make your kitchen a child-friendly place for your kids, make sure it’s an enjoyable place when you are in there with them. Once you have taken the necessary steps to make sure it’s safe, you can now focus on enjoying time in there with your kids. When you are relaxed in the kitchen, you will create a great long-term effect for your children. They will feel like it’s a good place to be, especially when you make it the heart of the home when eating as a family or preparing food!