3 Reasons To Live in a Tree-Filled Environment


Trees are important to humans’ quality of life. While society sometimes takes them for granted, trees bring all kinds of benefits to your psychological and emotional health and to that of your neighborhood. Here are three great reasons to live in a tree-filled environment.

1. Psychological Well-Being

Expert studies show that parks, recreation areas and other green spaces lead to humans’ well-being and connectivity. This feeling of well-being can translate to increased feelings of community and reduced rates of crime. Studies also show that living near trees makes people more trusting and generous, and that students and patients learn and heal better in spaces that offer them a view of nature.

2. Physical Benefits

If you live on a tree-lined street or near a park or cemetery, it’s likely those wooded and green spaces inspire you to get out and exercise. Walking, running or biking in a neighborhood with a woodland environment and tree-lined streets, such as custom homes Pablo Creek Reserve, positively affects your overall physical health. Having lots of trees around also helps to ease your stress, stave off depression and improve your sleep.

3. Neighborhood Health

Trees keep communities and neighborhoods cool. With their lofty leaf canopies, these plants create shade for heat-trapping sidewalks, structures and pavement. This natural heat relief have been found to cool the neighborhoods in American cities by an average of 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Trees also combat air pollution. Their leaves work to filter all kinds of particulates from the atmosphere, leaving people with cleaner air to breathe.

As you can see, there are many benefits to living in tree-filled environments. In fact, the positive effects of trees are such that many American cities have invested in tree-planting programs so that residents can continue to reap their incredible benefits for years to come.