Various Hiding Places of Carpenter Ants Near Your House


Usually carpenter ants will live inside the damaged wood outside your house and they will enter the house in search of food, particularly during summer or spring season. Few ants may live in your house too.

Following are few of the locations you can find carpenter ants.

Within rotted window frames – Most of these fourmis dans la charpente or in the rotted window frames create their nests. You can inject powdered insecticide in the rotted wood. It is better to replace the rotted wood and the moisture in the surroundings.

In foundation walls – Many different kinds of ants may nest around foundation walls and they usually do not cause any damage or eat human food.

Under the concrete slab – You can find them under the slab if there is any cracks developed on your floor. They may eat any of your food waste or any dead insects.

Inside walls – Quite often these ants also form their colonies inside the wall if they can identify any crack on the wall.

On insulation – After chewing the saw dust, they try to use them to build their nest inside the wall cavities. Some of them also chew the foam insulation and can degrade both wood and insulation over a period of time. You can spray insecticide directly into their nest to eliminate them.

Behind kitchen cabinet – Sometimes few ants may take refuge inside the kitchen cabinet or within the containers of food. It is little difficult to find such ants however if you use baits then they may appear.

It is therefore necessary to track them down by identifying their hiding places so that they can be eliminated. If their presence is detected earlier then it will be easier to eradicate them so that no serious damage is caused.

If you want to find their colony then you can keep sugar, jelly, honey or bacon, in case you notice any ant. You will notice that they will pick the food and move in a trail back to their colony. You should not spray any insecticide on them. In that case they will be killed and you will not be in a position to identify the location of their home.

If you want to use an insecticide then use it on cracks, or in any gaps so that it will partially eliminate them in such places.