The Importance of Electrical Testing and Certificates for Your Business Location


Every building includes a variety of electrical systems. In older buildings, these systems may contain worn or exposed wires that pose a safety hazard. Improper installation can also increase the risk of electrical issues. If you want to prevent these risks, you should use commercial electrical testing for your business location.

Certificates Are Needed for New Electrical Work

When installing, modifying, or altering electrical work in your business property, you need the proper electrical certificates for businesses in Aylesbury. In most situations, you will be required to obtain an electrical installation certificate (EIC).

The EIC indicates that the electrical system was properly installed and meets all safety standards. This also applies to most electrical modifications where one or more new electrical circuits are added.

If the electrical work does not require a new circuit, you may require the minor electrical installation works certificate (MEIWC). Professional contractors can help determine the type of certificate that you require and complete the necessary inspection.

Electrical Testing Ensures That Your Property Is Safe

Besides obtaining certificates, you may require periodic testing. Electrical systems need to be tested periodically to ensure that they are operating properly and detect any faults or wiring issues. This testing needs to be performed by qualified contractors and helps maintain the safety of your workplace.

If you need your electrical systems tested, do not hesitate to schedule an inspection. Delaying these tests may lead to an increased risk of electrical faults.

The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR) place additional responsibilities on employers to maintain the safety of their workplaces. These regulations focus on the safety of electrical equipment and electrical systems and the risk of injury related to these areas.

The EAWR does not require testing. The regulations simply help determine the responsibility of employers. It is your duty to ensure that your electrical systems are working properly to prevent injuries or deaths. While testing is not required, regular commercial electrical testing is the best way to meet your responsibilities.

Testing Is Recommended Every Five Years

For commercial installations, offices, and small shops, the recommendation is to schedule electrical testing every five years. You should also schedule electrical testing when moving to a new location. Industrial installations may require testing every three years.

As mentioned, every business has multiple electrical systems. Besides the primary electrical wiring running through your property, you may need to test the electrical wiring for emergency lighting, CCTV systems, data networks, and commercial equipment.

Commercial electrical testing and certificates are necessary whenever you move into a new place or install or modify any electrical systems. These recommendations are easy to overlook or put off for a later date. By scheduling regular inspections, you can easily maintain the safety of your building and protect your workers from faulty electrical wiring.