Reasons why you should consider Interlocking Stones


Aesthetics can be an important part of any garden and walkway, which is why when renovating, one should always consider installing interlocking stones. Not only will they make your walkway or garden more interesting but there are also actually environmental benefits to them as well, which will be explained in this article.

What are interlocking stones exactly?

Interlocking stones, or pavers as they are otherwise known, are typically made from concrete or cement which when placed together, emulate the look of cobblestones. They are built in with certain features that allows them to be easily installed without the need for any kind of solvent, like mortar, to keep them together. They simply slot into place and stay there. Interlocking stones are connected through the use of sand and can be used to cover any kind of outdoor surface, such as driveways, decking or patio. Essentially, interlocking stones are an alternative to brick and concrete. They are also available in a variety of different colours, designs and sizes, which can really enhance the design of your outdoor spaces.

When installed correctly, the stones are bound by the mix of bedding sand, edge restraint, the stones themselves as well as joint sand. The stones are also designed to bear heavy loads; due to the clever use of stress transfer through arching bridges, the weight is spread and thus supported laterally and evenly across all the stones.

Are there actually any benefits to interlocking stones?

There are actually numerous benefits to having interlocking stones fitted, some are even environmentally beneficial.

  • They store and treat run-off: Rain build-up can be disastrous if there is too much water pressure. If water is allowed to continually run over your drive or walkways, it can cause problems such as flooding as well as dragging foliage and even substances like oil onto your property. That is not a great situation to constantly have to clean away. Nor is it good for the environment. Interlocking stones are a solution to this problem. They are designed to allow water to flow naturally and penetrate the ground underneath while successfully trapping solids such as oils and even heavy metals.
  • Material guarantee: Unlike with factory made commercial bricking, each interlocking stones are all specifically and carefully designed to be durable and stable. Installation is not affected by temperature or weather. In the long term, this will save money on the upkeep and or repair of other concrete slabs. After interlocking stones are installed, there is absolutely no need to pay for any other renovations.
  • Weather resistance: Interlocking stones are built to withstand any temperatures or weather. The joints between them mean that the typical cracking associated with concrete slabs will not be a problem.
  • Design options: As previously stated, interlocking stones can be made into a variety of different colours and designs. There is something to compliment everyone’s tastes and design preferences. It also means that you do not have to redesign your previous design scheme if you are scared that the interlocking stones will not match.
  • Minimises Albedo: For those who are not aware, albedo refers to the heat that can become trapped and absorbed into traditional concrete pavements. This can cause unbearable heat trapped in the concrete during the day, with the heat finally being released at night. With interlocking stones, this is never really an issue or cause for concern. They can be made with lighter colours to maximise surface reflection which will result in the decline in warm temperature. This could also mean that you have less need for night time light due to the light colours of the stones, thus saving electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.