Need To Get House Pilings? Don’t Miss These Aspects!


If you live in a region that’s prone to flooding, or has topsoil issues, it is not viable to go for a traditional construction for your home. The obvious alternative to that is pilings. Pilings, for the uninitiated, are used to raise the house above the ground surface to a level where concerns like flooding may not pose a problem. House pilings are also used for certain construction needs because it might work as a cheaper alternative to a regular foundation. Pilings might be required to support a structure in some cases. While you can visit one of the lumber yards Houston to order pilings, here are some of the aspects that need your attention.

  • Always consider your region and location. Wood pilings, much like any other natural material, can damage with time, so you may need to consider the soil type, weather and regional climate before selecting an option. For example, if your area has dry climate, you don’t need extreme chemically-treated pilings. The location also determines the strength of pilings required.
  • Think of your home needs. For areas that are more prone to flooding, pilings need to be long enough, which may increase the costs considerably, especially if you compare that with a home that just needs to be a little above the ground. For smaller homes, you can still compromise on the quality of pilings used to some extent. Talk to your architect in this regard and find what may work best for your budget and needs. We are talking of your home here, so cutting corners might not be a great idea.

  • Think of moisture. Most homeowners don’t always think of this, but if pilings are exposed to moisture continuously, there can be additional problems, including pest damage and fungus growth. In such cases, you have to consider treated pilings, which have preservatives that can withstand the different problems and damage that are common with moisture. In fact, you can find pilings that are designed to stay put in water.

Finally, do ask for an estimate when you check for pilings with any supplier. Go for the best you can afford, because in a way, you are investing in your new home’s foundation. Also, check what you can possible do to minimize the damage to pilings over a period of time. Treated pilings can be expensive, but that price is usually worth paying for. Check online to find suppliers in your area.