Kerb Appeal: Tips for Improving Your Property’s Appearance


First impressions can truly make or break any deal. Here are 8 useful tips to give your home some added instant impact.

1. Paint the Front Door

Although it might sound like a very simple thing to do it is one of the first things that people are going to see. Go wild with your colour. That’s one place where you can get away with it. Currently, bright, strong colours in full gloss are very popular. However, if you don’t have the nerve, a safe bet is to always paint your door black. For an impressive contemporary look, washed-out, muted, and matte colours are popular in the smart streets of London these days.

2. Invest in High-quality Door Furniture

Get really good things. It is worth spending an extra £100. Cheap usually looks cheap. Try to select furniture that goes well with your property; unless you have a Victorian home, heavy Victorian letterboxes and door knockers are going to look ridiculous.

3. Lighting is Critical

Place it on both sides of your front door to provide some symmetry. Or you can place a lantern in your portico entrance. Don’t hesitate to try lights out before making a final commitment to them. If they are too ornate or too large then they can look very brash. If the approach to your property is via garden use subtle lighting. You don’t notice good garden lighting. It remains unseen. Hide the lights in trees or have them concealed in your drive or garden path.

4. Keep the Approach Clean

The approach up to your front door (driveway, a path, and/or steps), should be kept free of rubbish and swept clear of leaves. Horse boxes, bicycles, and cars should all be neatly parked. Paint railings and use Portland stone, sandstone or marble for paths and steps. Porches can provide an air of distinction. However, they can also be a dumping ground for everyone’s clutter. Also, if they are stuck onto the house as an afterthought they can be awful if they are out of proportion.

5. Naming or Numbering a House Can Go Wrong

Plaques with pictures (like trees or birds), poorly painted names, or wonky numbers can detract from the front of a home. In London, there is a trend for having stencilled numbers or oversized shiny chrome numerals. For houses that have fanlights, the name or number can be acid-etched into the glass. Number stickers are an affordable alternative. Keep in mind, if someone doesn’t know where you live then you don’t want them to be there. But if you use insight, you can wrought your name into a gateway or tastefully inscribe it on slate or brass, and screw it to the porch or a gate post.

6. Clean the Windows

When windows are dirty they look sad, so make sure to clean yours on a regular basis. Rotten window frames are unacceptable as well and if you decide to install new hardwood windows, be sure they go with the design of the rest of your house. The glazing bars position is very important, and you don’t always need to paint them white. In fact, they can look fabulous in many different colours ranging from black to dark green to stone. However, consider the colour of the stone or brickwork before you choose your colours. Finally, make sure all blinds and curtain linings match when you can see them from the driveway or street.

7. Add Some Greenery to Your Space

It isn’t necessary to have a larger garden. You can plant a creeper. Homes look very beautiful when plants are training on them. You can also make your own window boxes. Take a plastic planter and paint and then plant some draping ivy in it. Box hedges and landscaped beds that have colourful plantings help show off the front of a home. For smaller areas, like on both sides of your front door, you can use planters with box topiary. Just keep in mind that some creepers aren’t good to use with brickwork since they can pull the mortar from the pointing.

8. The Right Gate

A country house needs to have an impressive entrance gate. However, entrances need to reflect the home’s period; simple stone pillars and a white-painted gate are best suited to a manor, while wrought iron electric gates are more in keeping with new homes.