Is definitely an Industrial Floor Burnisher Best for you?


Each kind of floor cleaning machine is made for different tasks. That will help you understand should you prefer a floor burnisher more than a buffer, polisher or floor scrubber here is a introduction to a burnisher’s weaknesses and strengths.

Floor Burnishers

First impressions matter especially with regards to presenting your organization for your clients. Cleaning your floors regularly having a burnisher can give your customers, and customers, that very important lasting first impression.

High-speed cleaning having a shine finish

Burnishers are a kind of high-speed floor polisher. For this reason the pads for that floor burnishers can rotate as much as 10 occasions quicker than standard floor polishers. This speed literally scraps dirt and marks off your flooring while departing the ground smooth having a gloss like finish. This will make burnishers an ideal floor cleaner to clean heavy ingrained dirt from hard surfaces for example concrete or vinyl with no damage to the top.

The rate where burnishers cleans hard surfaces leaves your flooring having a high shine “wet searching” finish. This “wet searching” finish provides you with an expert searching floor which is fantastic for locations that communicate with customers every day, for example vehicle showrooms.

Enables for anti-slip high shine cleaning

Burnishers provide you with that professional shine look that you need whilst not departing your floor slippery. This will make burnishers well suited for cleaning your flooring during peak occasions when staff or clients are carrying out their daily tasks.

Burnishers can cover large areas rapidly with ease

In comparison with floor polishers and buffers floor burnishers can cover a much bigger area in the same time frame period with no work. This enables burnishers to create short work of huge flooring areas like the ones present in hospitals, show rooms or shopping malls.

Burnishers are perfect for:

Because of the high-speed nature from the floor burnisher machine, floor burnishers are just well suited for cleaning hard flooring types for example concrete, vinyl or wood. This kind of floor cleaning machine shouldn’t be employed for cleaning carpets because of its high speeds and aggressive brush heads nor when they are utilized on hard floors where certain finishes happen to be applied.

It is because certain finishes, for example hard waxes, are only able to be cleaned a minimal speeds. If they’re cleaned having a burnisher the top risks being left heavily scratched. If because of the kind of finish you’ll need a floor cleaning machine that cleans to some lower speed a floor polisher or floor buffer might be appropriate for the cleaning needs.