Determining Foundation Damage After a Flood


Some homes are exposed to floods and flood damages. When the flooding has receded, evaluating home damage and repairing the foundation is necessary to get things back on track. If you have pier or beam or concrete slab foundations, you are likely to have many projects to work on after a flood, especially your foundation.

Signs of Foundation Damage after a Flood

Flood damage can seriously cause troubles in your foundation. When checking out foundation issues, make sure you check various areas for damage to your house, including crawl spaces and spaces beyond the main structure. As you evaluate your house after a flood, make sure the following signs of foundation damage are present:

  • Wall cracks.
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Sloping floors
  • Condensation formation on walls and ceilings.
  • Big foundation cracks.
  • Difficulty opening and closing doors.
  • Presence of mold or rot.

Causes of Foundation Problems Because of Flooding

Flooding can seriously cause water damage to the foundation. IT penetrates deep below the foundation and cause shifts and upheavals which can compromise its structural soundness and strength. Undoubtedly, continual water presence is the riskiest flood which can cause problems for your house. This is because water carries lots of weight.

 Moreover, expansive clay soil also causes foundation issues during flooding. This kind of soil expands once it comes into contact with water, thus, shifting the ground on which the foundation sits, possible causing costly damage. If you think your house may have suffered foundation damage because of flooding, it is important to call foundation inspections and repair professionals right away. The professionals will evaluate your home to determine the work that must be done and whether you can continue to live safely in your house.

Preventing Future Flooding

Although you can be 100 percent sure your home won’t flood again, you can take some precautions to protect your property against flooding. Here’s how to mitigate flood damage:

  • Ensure your water pipes aren’t pointing towards your house. Also, check your downspout’s placement.
  • Make sure all entrances to your house is waterproof. This can reduce the amount o water which can get through cracks.
  • Check your foundation’s condition. In case of issues, consider preventive repairs. Foundation repair professionals can install durable pressed concrete piers and steel foundation piers to protect pier and beam as well as concrete slab foundations from shifting and sinking.
  • Ensure your high-value items like HVAC systems and appliances are placed off the ground.