5 Home Design Tips For Beginners


Whether you are a first time home owner or are just renting your place for the first time, home design and renovation may seem like completely foreign concepts to you. While designing your interior can certainly be fun, it can also be a little stressful at times, especially if you’re new at it and don’t feel that you have an eye for design. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 home design tips for beginners.

Make A Plan

When planning your renovation, it is important to make a detailed plan first so that you know how much everything will cost, how long it will all take, as well as in what order things will get done. Planning home decor ahead of time is also a good idea. This way the whole process will cause you much less stress.

Start Small

When designing your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if it’s a large space. Remedy this by smarting small and only focusing on one room at a time. You may find it easiest to start with the smaller rooms in the home such as the bathrooms or laundry room. Once those are finished you will find the larger rooms such as bedrooms and living areas much less daunting. 

Get Inspired

Get inspiration for how you want your home to look from all different sources. Check out friend’s homes and go online and look at design blogs and Instagram accounts. You can even get some inspiration from the colors, shapes, and textures you find in nature. Don’t be afraid to do things you haven’t seen before either. Home design is all about expressing yourself and letting your personality shine through! 

Hire Help

Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself when it comes to home design and renovation. You can hire professional help to do just about anything when it comes to making your house into a home! If you want to save money by doing things yourself, recruit some friends or family members to come over and help you out. Not only will things go much quicker with help, but you’ll also be able to have them give you their opinion on what looks best. 


Budgeting is smart in all aspects of life, but especially with home stuff. Renovations and interior design costs can rack up quickly and you don’t want to get caught in a situation where you’re in over your head or cannot afford to do the things you want to do. Making a budget and sticking to it will help you avoid this from happening. 

Designing a home can be a very exciting time even with all of its challenges. Follow these tips and no one will know that you haven’t done this before!